Why We Print

Printing is the most important occupation in America. There is no industry more significant, nor any job more important than that of printing. Without printing, America as we know it would cease to exist. Everyday, printers transform ordinary ink and paper into powerful vehicles for communicating ideas. When I start my printing press, I become a guardian of liberty and democracy. Our founding fathers knew that freedom of the press would protect us from tyranny. I work quietly behind the scenes at printshops in nearly every small village and large city across America serving business, education, finance, healthcare, religion and government. I print the business forms, books, currency, newspapers, bibles, and maps that make the American lifestyle as we know it, possible. Great inventions like electricity, automobiles, radios, televisions, and computers have changed the world...and while there are many important industries and jobs, none can claim the universal preeminence that printing can. Every other industry depends on printing to exist.

I am proud of my work, and I am humbled by the responsibility to uphold the values and traditions of our great nation.

I am a Printer.

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