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5 Tips for Social Media Success

January 27, 2012

Social Media is here to stay and here you can find 5 Quick Tips for using social media sites.

1. Allocate time for it. Social Media can be a black hole of interesting news, stories, and posts. Make sure that you allocate a certain amount of time for it daily and stick to it. A good schedule is essential to maintaining a productive balance between work and social networking.

2. Set goals. Specific and measurable goals will help you decide when and how to use social media sites to best benefit the company. Who do you want to reach? What do you want to tell them? How quickly do you wish to accomplish your goals. Always ask yourself what the ultimate purpose of your social media campaign is before embarking.

3. Be Cautious. Always assume that anything you post can be viewed by the whole world. Be very careful with what you say and how you say things on social sites. Company confidentiality is even more important now than it has ever been. If something leaks its way onto the internet you can rest assured it will stay there forever in some way.

4. Set up the proper privacy. Alongside being cautious it’s recommended to set up certain levels of privacy on most social media sites. Who is able to see you and what they are able to see can sometimes be edited to maintain a certain level of privacy. Changes to terms of service and user agreements will happen with all social networking eventually, stay up to date with current policies and act accordingly.

5. Post thoughtful information.  Many potential clients will research a company before deciding whether or not to spend any money with them. What does your web presence say about you? Keep up to date and detailed information about your and your company where ever possible.If you keep a regular blog or twitter account post relevant and helpful information.

Keep these tips in mind when maintaining a presence online and you will begin to see the real networking power of social media sites and the impact they can have on your business.

Measuring Social Media

January 25, 2012

As with any marketing directive its effectiveness can only be determined after it has been measured. Measuring social media campaigns was a popular subject in 2011 and odds are that it isn’t going to slow down. Determining the value of a campaign however can be quite difficult if researching the same metrics across different platforms and campaigns. The basics for measuring the efficiency of a traditional campaign should still apply to social media.

Start out by planning the campaign and researching your customers. Set benchmarks before launching a campaign and ensure you understand what your clients seek and their current behaviors. Set a clear, definable goal for the campaign. A bad example of a campaign objective would be to “increase brand awareness.” Set obtainable goals such as “increase Facebook interaction by 25%” or “obtain 1500 followers on Twitter.” Over the course of the campaign you should track the metrics that relate to the goals in order to gain insights on the overall success level of the campaign.

Remember in school we learned to set S.M.A.R.T. Goals? Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely. A well developed campaign strategy will help decide the choice of metrics to use and how to research them.

Print and Digital Marketing

January 23, 2012

Traditional marketing strategies have always included print advertising and direct mail, but with the emergence of digital marketing will we see a decline in the number of direct mail pieces and print advertising? I believe the answer is no. Customers know that there is nothing quite like the feel of a well designed print piece and having something tangible is psychologically more appealing than receiving its digital counterpart. So how do the two work together to solidify your marketing campaign?

The introduction of QR Codes into main stream marketing is one excellent way to physically put something into a client or leads hands and direct them to a digital site of your choosing. Want more facebook fans? Design a QR Code that links directly to your company page. Need more traffic for your site? QR Codes can help. A well placed code within a direct mail piece such as a postcard, newsletter, or flier can catch the readers attention and increase exposure to your company. Always design mail pieces to capture attention and increase the time spent with your brand.

Developing direct mail to integrate with your online presence is a great way to increase brand recognition and awareness. The reverse is also true; developing a site where you can obtain client information to send direct mail. A good marketing strategy connects all of its branches into one uniform identity. Will your clients feel the same way about your company by reading your newsletter as they would by visiting your website? Developing a strategy that allows your company to use every means of communication available will build a stronger relationship with current clients and open the door to new leads.