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And the winner is…

February 29, 2012
Digital Video Camera

Our February Facebook Giveaway

Holly Franklin!

Holly just won a digital video camera from A New Dimension in our February Facebook Giveaway. Like us on Facebook for promotions, giveaways, discounts, and more. We are only 3 fans away from 100 Likes! Will you be our 100th like? Comment below and let us know

Woodstock Community Business Association

February 14, 2012

Hey everyone, this month we’re being featured on Woodstock’s Community Business Association’s website. Go check out the article and leave them a comment. Speaking of spotlights be sure to keep your eyes on our blog for a monthly business spotlight starting in March. If you know a company who you feels deserves a mention leave us a comment below. Maybe your recommendation will be the first.

A Quick Redesign

February 9, 2012

Hey everyone! Sorry I have missed several posts recently. I had an emergency trip back to   the rain forest for a family function. It’s really a shame I couldn’t bring anyone along… I’ve got some colorful relatives. Anyway, now that I’m back I have made some changes to the blog and more are coming. I hope everyone likes the new layout and I ask that you bear with me while I get everything situated. Please drop some comments here or on Facebook if you like what you see and let me know what kind of posts interest you the most.