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The Power of Lists

November 30, 2012

Power of Lists

Lists are more than just an effective way to grab attention. They’re also great at getting key points across quickly and increasing readership. Here are a few tips to help you use lists more effectively in your marketing:

  • Use abbreviated or partial lists on marketing pieces, such as postcards and email campaigns, and encourage readers to visit your website to learn more.
  • Promote your company’s competitive advantages with a “top 10 reasons” list.
  • Popularity sells. Use a list to advertise your biggest selling products, such as “Our Top 5 Most Popular Products from 2012.”
  • Use a list to announce or introduce new products or services.
  • Use a list as an alternative to long paragraphs of text, and enable readers to quickly scan your key points.
  • For greater effectiveness, keep your lists brief, such as “10 Ways to…” or “15 Tips to…”
  • Structure your list logically (largest to smallest, most to least popular, or simply your strongest tips first).
  • If your list includes more than just a few words for each key point, consider using bold sub-headers with brief descriptions behind them.
  • For “top 10″ style lists, always number your entries, so readers can easily follow along.
  • Be sure to include a source whenever appropriate, especially if your list contains hard facts or data.

Dream Killer

November 27, 2012

Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.

Fear and self-doubt are two of the biggest dream killers in most of us. Success often comes down to what we’re willing to do about it.

Will you take some risks and do something different than what you’ve always done?

Many of us are so afraid of failing that sadly we’ll never take the leap of faith required to do anything worthwhile in this life.

Whether the dream is about starting a business, getting an advancement at work, or simply finishing a major project, something seems to hold us back.

It’s tempting to use the excuse that something external has forced us to procrastinate, but most of the time that something is really inner self-sabotage.

That inner voice does its best to derail and destroy our dreams. So we fail before we even start. And that pattern repeats itself, over and over again, like a bad nightmare.

To stop and crush that sequence we have to do one thing: take action without regard to possible failure in the ultimate outcome.

Yes, we should be prudent in researching, reflecting, and consulting beforehand. But if all signs point to moving forward, we shouldn’t hesitate. Instead, we need to put one foot in front of the other and take action.

Success comes from taking imperfect action. Why? Because the day everything’s perfect enough will never come.

So take imperfect action starting today. Your dreams will thank you.

Dream Killer

Please Give Me a Call

November 20, 2012

With the recent explosion of marketing avenues available to businesses, it’s easy to forget some of the fundamental building blocks that go into making a company successful. Take, for instance, that telephone in your office. It may not be as sexy or new as social media, but it packs a much bigger and more immediate punch than tweeting or Facebook posts! Perhaps the most important method of communicating with your clients and prospects is still that little old telephone.

The phone connects your business with your audience in ways that email and social media can’t. The sound of the human voice and the interaction between two people on the phone can never be replicated or replaced by any other medium. That interaction can either increase or decrease your business in terms of traffic and revenue. Most callers will base their decision about whether or not to do business with your company on how they are treated on that phone call.

No amount of marketing and PR can overcome a negative experience on a phone call with your office. So before you move forward with any new marketing, make sure all that effort doesn’t go to waste when a prospect calls your business.

You can either pay someone or ask a friend to call your business and pose as a potential customer. Have the calls recorded. Review these recordings on a regular basis, and share both the positive and negative calls with your staff, along with items you find that need to be corrected. These are extremely valuable training times. It takes a little effort on your part, but the rewards will pay off for many years to come.

By making sure that all callers experience a positive event when calling your business, you have a strong pillar to continue building your successful business.
Give Me a Call