Frequently Asked Questions

What formats do you accept?

You can send files electronically by clicking here or by following the link on the right side of our navigation bar. Our FTP client is the fastest way to get us your files. Please compress files by into either a ZIP or RAR. For more information on how to do this you can follow this link:
Packaging Files

When submitting PDFs make sure to follow all steps listed in our Design Guidlines. Below is a guide for submitting Press-Ready PDFs.

  • Always use high resolution images when making your PDF.
  • Ensure that all images are in CMYK colors before creating your PDF.
  • Include a bleed area to make sure that colors print beyond the trim.
  • Embed all fonts used in the PDF including variants, i.e. Helvetica and Helvetica-Bold.

How Do I make sure my PDF's are ready to print?

When sending a PDF ensure that it is saved in CMYK color format and that you have properly embedded all fonts used in the file. If you have other questions you can follow the step by step guide to PDF's we have available for your convenience.

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